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We're Growing! January 25th, 2013

As of January 2013, Wirenetics - the distribution side of our company - has purchased a new building, doubling our size. This brings the total square footage of Whitmor/Wirenetics to 105,000 square feet!

Manufacturing has added six new fine wire braiders allowing us to braid shielded cables as small as 48 AWG. We now have a complete braiding range from 4 inches in diameter to fine wire.

We have just completed a SBIR partnership on Nano Composite Materials Technology for Revolutionary Satellite Development for Nanomaterial shielded wire and cable.

WHITMOR/Wirenetics is now offering a new high temperature compound called Tempa-lene300. It is a 300°C perfluoropolymer that can be used from 30 AWG to 4 AWG in 2 mils to 75 mils of insulation.

This new 300°C compound can also be used for jacketing.

Tempa-lene300 product is located in the New Product Development section.