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ELECTRI-TONETM Electric Instrument Wire and Cable Products July, 2014

Whitmor/Wirenetics is pleased to announce that we have expanded our already extensive product lines to include new specialty electric guitar and amplifier wiring products! We are passionate about our commitment to bring our valued customers only the best in aerospace and commercial wire and cable products, so it was only natural that we should embrace another passion of ours: musical instruments.

ELECTRI-TONE™ Musical Instrument Wire, Cable and Accessories
ELECTRI-TONETM Musical Instrument Wire, Cable and Accessories

The electric guitar has become an icon in all genres of music, and is found in almost all of our favorite recordings from the 1930's up to the current day, and has transcended the good times and the bad times for three quarters of a century in American culture and to the farthest reaches of the globe.

It may surprise you to learn that the electric guitar's internal wiring has changed very little from it's inception in the 1940's and 1950's; containing electromagnetic "pickups" that have charged magnetic metal rods which are wound with magnet wire , soldered to lead wires which are routed to control potentiometers and switches - then ultimately plugged in to an amplifier with a shielded cable. "Vintage" wiring and components are making a comeback, and so "pushback" cloth covered wire is being used in many current production reissues of popular musical instruments.

A tried-and-true design, the electric guitar's vintage and contemporary wiring remain relatively unchanged.

ELECTRI-TONE™ Cloth Pushback Wire
ELECTRI-TONETM "Pushback" Vintage Cloth Wiring

From the semi-hollowbody guitars of the 1930's to the introduction of the first "Spanish-style" solid body guitar and the "revolutionary" electric bass guitar in the early 1950's, the inventions of yesteryear continue to transcend time as our favorite instruments in making musical art. We are proud to continue in that tradition, while adding modern manufacturing capabilities to produce vintage-accurate wiring components for your favorite guitars, basses and amplifiers.

Whether you get your electric guitar pickups from a boutique pickup winder who builds unique pickups out of his garage or from a worldwide manufacturer of electric guitar products, you'll find our MAGNE-TONETM magnet wire in many of your favorite electric guitars for well over a decade.

As a manufacturer / distributor of high quality domestic aerospace wire and cable for over 50 years, Whitmor / Wirenetics manufactures high quality wire and cable products right here in the USA and distributes worldwide to many household names in the aerospace industry we are bringing the same dedication to quality standards and manufacturing processes to your enhance your electric guitars, electric bass guitars and amplifiers.

Made to today's highest quality standards with a respectful nod to vintage era musical instrument wiring components, ELECTRI-TONETM products continue the tradition of bringing quality standards and excellent value in connecting your world.

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